Please email me with any anecdotes about David.


Not many photographs exist of David.  Here are a few favourites:


David was an inspirational man who I met in 1969.  At that time he was working at the Slumberland factory and since we didn't know his name he was known to us as 'Mr Bed'.  He was always extremely helpful and I remember him giving me a large amount of assistance with a Ford Transit van that we were converting to take on a trip to Greece.  His knowledge of the local marsh (and the locals) was amazing and he always encouraged us to look and enjoy the wildlife on our doorstep.  Trips to view the coypus were always interesting. He coached the local kids in the street and often a football was bouncing up and down the road.  I think that all his students aspired to play for Ipswich (which at that time was a top premier club).

And, of course, David was great fun and participated in the pram race (remember those?)

He was also a real showman and could walk up and down stairs on his hands. All sorts of activities took place in North Road, you can tell the rough date for this photo from the cars in the background.

When the Slumberland factory closed down David moved to work for Adnams where there are many tales of his antics as a drayman.

He died tragically in 1982 but I will always remember his smiling face as I walk out over the marsh.

A near neighbour commented in the Forum section:

'Does anybody remember the great Bonfire Night down this great road? I remember building the bonfire for weeks and weeks in the run up to Guy Fawkes night. The fire was located a few feet from the road just opposite No's. 46 and 47. Everyone would cook a dish and bring it out for all to enjoy. The best bit for me though was when it was all over and just the smoldering embers were left, in which myself and a great man and dear friend called David Gerrell would bake spuds. Happy memories indeed... '