Barrett Jenkins was a stalwart of Southwold Society.  He produced a number of books which his daughter, Ann Thorton, has kindly allowed me to copy.  They can be accessed as PDFs (~12 MB) by clicking on the titles below.  The diary is Ann's proof printer's copy hence the hand-written corrections.






Ann Thornton also provided me with some newspaper clippings about Barrett.  Click here for the PDF.

Nick Wood has kindly allowed access to his set of postcard images of local interest. Click here for the album.

Jill Cooper kindly let me copy her set of postcards and photographs. Click here for the images.




I was also lent some old photographs of Southwold, Wrentham, Covehithe and South Cove by John Allport.  Click here for the images.

I was kindly lent the following old postcards by Jeanette Carden. If you have any information about them or other postcards of the area around and to the north of the pier please let me know. Click here for higher definition pictures. 


 Easton Bavents c 1936



 Birdseye view c1905 



Damage to coast and view of pier 1905


Grand hotel c 1905



Pier and sands


Boating lake and Easton Bavents


North Parade c 1911






Beach and Pier

I have started to find some other old cards:



Hilary Huckstep kindly sent me some more old postcards




Postmarked 1954



 Postmarked 1936








Some recent finds

The cars would indicate late 50s

Caravans and cars in the area that is now Tibby's Triangle, looks like late 50s as well

Postmarked 1907


Hilary Huckstep kindly gave me the image of this postcard and its reverse.



 This is postmarked 1959 but it must have been much earlier


Southwold Beach, postmarked 1920


Aerial view of Southwold


Michael West kindly lent me some old postcards, click on image below to see more.


I found this postcard recently postmarked 1907.  Michael told me that in the early 1940s the bathing machines were put on the golf course alongside Blyth Road to prevent enemy aircraft landing on the fairway.  A higher resolution image and the reverse of the card can be seen by clicking on the image.


 Lifeboat postmarked 1905


 Pier around the turn of the century